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Bridging the gap
As a Clinical Sexologist, Sexuality Educator, Life Coach, & Speaker, Dr. Marylou draws from her formal education and life experiences as a person of short stature. Standing at a statuesque 3’11” she developed a “High10 Your Life” approach to managing life’s magical, yet often unpredictable journey


Sex Talk with Lou PagetPODCAST: Sex Talk with Lou
Sex and the Little People — Marylou Naccarato DHS
Listen to the February 26th 2014 show - click here
Practical Sex Ed: for people with short stature and with disabilities
Marylou Naccarato DHS

Listen to the September 22nd 2011 show - click here

SEXISWebzine Article: Good Things Come in Little Packages, Part 1
Published: SEXIS, November 16, 2011
Webzine Article: Good Things Come in Little Packages, Part 2
Published: SEXIS, November 17, 2011

WEtv.comTV Documentary: Secret Lives of Women,

Episode: Mini Women

Marylou has thrived as a mother, independent tax consultant, and now, sex educator to little people.

YouTubeMarylou - Sex Educator
This portion of the show covers her work as a sex educator including
a mini-workshop and review of her favorite toys!

YouTubeMarylou - Sex Educator/Living with Short Stature and Her Personal Life

Watch Marylou as she shares her experiences as a woman living with short stature and personal life. A surprise romantic serenade from the “Little Big Man” concludes the show!

Playboy Radio:  "Afternoon Advice with Tiffany Granath"

Playboy RadioSirius Satelite Radio
September 22nd, 2009
Show: "Afternoon Advice with Tiffany Granath"
Channel 99, Sirius Satelite Radio

Marylou was interviewed by host Tiffany Granath about her upcoming book Heighten Your Sensuality and Intimacy and TV documentary.

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